Entry #1

On Holiday and Eager for Work

2016-11-21 15:10:50 by McGorilla42

I have three months to kill and if I get unproductive, I get depressed and that sucks, so if you need some music, hit me up and I'll see what I can do. I'm going to be making music/studying sound engineering for fun anyway, but having a project is a great way to stay motivated.



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2016-11-21 16:34:49

what kind of music do you make? i'm working on a weekly D&D type web series called Crypt Shyfter that posts every Monday. just using royalty free music right now but if you work on any fantasy sounding stuff we could do a little team-up! 4 episodes are online now, i'm about to finish the 6th, and I've got up to episode 9 audio recorded and 10 written. no end in sight yet so i'll be around a while

(Updated ) McGorilla42 responds:


I can do blues/bad jazz/rock/pop piano and guitar, bit of electronic stuff and solo instrumental work. I must admit that epic orchestral fantasy (if that's what you were going for) isn't my forte. I listen to a fair amount of orchestral music but it's SO HARD to make and I'm still trying to learn :O If you need a tinkly harp and flute with a few strings like in the current vids, I could probably pull that off! :)

*Goes back to watching Crypt Shyfter*