Thinking of Changing Username...

2016-11-25 02:20:04 by McGorilla42

Good idea/bad idea? I'm using the same account I had when I was 15 and don't really consider this one particularly good or memorable. Should I do it before becoming more established or...does no one really care?


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2016-11-25 03:10:59

Your soundcloud has the nick "game sketch".
That name it's catchier than Stratocaster42, you could give it a try (º- º ) b

McGorilla42 responds:

Yeah...guess it's time to give Newgrounds some money just so I can change my name haha. And support the site, of course! :D


2016-11-25 03:37:22

in my opinion stratocaster42 sounds catchier than "Game Sketch" for one reason: Game Sketch doesn't quite sound as a musical artist. it sounds more like a flopped let's play youtube channel.
I recommend keeping this name until you find a name that fits the purpose.

McGorilla42 responds:

Yeah, I certainly won't be using Game Sketch. I just spent the 3 bucks to afford me the opportunity to change my username, so I'll probably use the classic one McGorilla that I've used forever